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2017 Creative Traveller Mugs Sports Water Drink Bottle

1.1 A new fashion and creative muti-functional water bottle since August,2017;
1.2 Remind your to drink, keep a healthy life;
1.3 Your best travel and home or office necessities;
1.4 Perfect combination of sprayers and travel mug,really a cool idea to show a new life style;
1.5 Easy-carry bottle fit for your bag,sports bicycle;

Product Description:

Best Sports Water Bottle and Traveller Mugs
1.A must for outdoor sports;
2.Multi functional cup:
  Keep the water you need to avoid thirsty;
  Special moisturizing function design,good for your long journey;
  White LED light good for outside use at night when necessary;
  SOS red led light,especial good for wild exploration in urgent time;
  Easy-carry for outdoor sports,good for indoor use;

3.Aesthetics design,so charm to anyone and show a new fashion lifestyle;

4.Leakproof,perfect for bringing or avaible to be put anywhere by any way;

5.Water for drink to be filled in: -35degree to +135 degree;

Operation Guidance:
  1.Spray switch: Down-spraying(30mins per time); Up-close spraying;
  2.LED light usage:
  A.Press trigger buttom firstly-white led light opened;
  B. Press trigger buttom secondly after white led light turned on-SOS red led light shinning;
  C. Press trigger buttom 2s after B action,awaken remind drinking function-don't forget to drink after 120mins;

1.Water tank capacity for spraying: 60mL;
2.Water cup capacity for drinking: 400mL;
3.Use time: ≦ 3.5h (full charge case) only spraying;
4.Use time: ≦ 7h (full charge case) Individual lighting time;
5.Use time: ≦ 2.5h (full charge) lighting + spray time
6.Standby time: ≦ 180 days (full of electricity)

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