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Gift-iDrive- 91HKT001-X1 Scooter

HKT iLove HX1 6.5''Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter 

8''Intelligent Self-balancing Scooter HKT iLove HX1 




Prepare all the body safety security before using IntelligentSelf-balancing Scooter,such as: wear a helmet,having the knee and elbow pads,etc.


 Prohibit driving IntelligentSelf-balancing Scooterin the motor vehicle lane;


 Children,the old,pregnant are not allowed to use!


 No drive when drunk or have medicine;


 Keep your feet on the food-pad during use;


Only allow one people to drive at a time.





1.1year for the main body(battery and other wearing parts not covered);

2.6 months for bettery and 1 month for inner and outer tires.

More details and prices,please contact us by mail.

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